About Us

Jennifer Bourgoyne is the Founder & Designer of Czela Bellies CesareanWear™. After a recent and repeat cesarean section delivery herself, she was frustrated by the discomfort that even a pair of soft undies caused, much less anything with a waistband, and so her own “AHA!” moment was born. Not looking to get into the ‘support garment’ business or the quasi-controversial scar therapy route, she has instead addressed a very overlooked market. She's designed really fun and interesting undergarments that make a new mom feel hip, fresh, flirty, and definitely more comfortable with her transitioning body.

After graduating from The Fashion Institute in her hometown of Houston, she moved to Los Angeles where, among other things, she worked as a fashion stylist on promotional & commercial television shoots, as well as numerous rock & alt.country musician/band styling opportunities.

With experience in the creative and fashion industries, as well as in customer care & marketing in the high-tech world, she has both a unique eye for style, and a strong customer service history she brings to Czela Blue. Jennifer currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area, with her husband, and three amazing boys, Dakota, Griffin Hawk and youngest son Cash.

  photography Monica Michelle-White Rabbit Studios